Sunday, February 27, 2011

Riding into the sunset

The nursery became one step closer to being complete.  Since Paxton can sleep in a drawer, and be changed on the floor, not even the crib, changing table or dresser can replace Midnight. 

Midnight is a rocking horse that was made by my grandfather, BG, about 55 years ago.  He made it for my Uncle Jimmy, who was their firstborn.

BG on the left, Uncle Jimmy on the right
Midnight became a permanent fixture for every Miller boy.  He was passed down to my Dad next.

After my Dad had grown out of him, he was passed around to numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.  But, Midnight made his way back to the Miller household and became a favorite toy to both of my brothers and myself.

A lot of my childhood memories come from time spent at Granny Pat and B.G.'s house.  And of all those times, I can always remember Midnight being there.  And after 15 years he now he has purpose again.  Instead of being stored away in a garage, he can once again fill the memories of another kid.

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  1. This was really sweet! We also had a wooden rocking horse that all the kids used to fight over. That was the best! At least Paxton will be the oldest. So he wins!