Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby School

Well we just got back from our first childbirth class at Mercy...it's a 4-week class that covers every aspect of the whole birth process.  It was a ton of information!!  The instructor had a life-size pelvis and a little doll and she showed us how it squeezed through....not excited. 

One thing I was surprised about were the variety of ages that were represented.  There was one girl there with her mom...she was maybe 17...and then there was a "labor partner" that had a white beard! 

In other news, Paxton weighs a little under three pounds now and is about 17 inches long.  He only has about 3 more inches to grow.  That's crazy to me!  I can tell he's much bigger because I can feel his movements everywhere, from up by my rib cage to kicking my bladder.  His new favorite trick is to curl up right under my ribs...this is definitely not my favorite because it keeps my lungs from being able to expand.  I have to push him back down which is not his favorite. 

With only 11 weeks to go, baby planning is a high priority.  We are moving at the end of the month so we will start packing and getting rid of junk soon.  No heavy lifting for me.  We also built (and learned how to use) the stroller and car seat we got for Christmas which made us feel pretty good about ourselves.
The 3D/4D ultrasound is scheduled for this Thursday so I'm sure we'll post some pictures after that!  Can't wait to see his little feet and hands....and his face!


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