Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Name Game

I'm not sure that I've gone a day since we found out the sex of someone not asking what his name is going to be.    We've considered our celebrity name which is Caired, or some cool one syllable name like Cage or Tex.

People are getting pretty persistent about asking, but we just don't know.  We may or may not have it narrowed down to a few.  I'm not telling.  In fact, if we do tell you a couple that we are choosing from, chances are that we are giving you decoys, not serious considerations.

So who knows where we will go.  Will it be something out of left field like Pep, or it could be after a president.  It could be after some city, or Stoops after Coach Bob.  Who knows, because we sure don't.  Looks like everyone's going to have to wait until after its born, except us.  Maybe... who knows, we sure don't.


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