Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sweet Little Plum

We took dinner to our friends that just had a baby and she was the sweetest thing ever: perfect little ears, soft skin, chubby cheeks and a tiny fringe of eyelashes.  As I was holding her, I realized exactly how much of a blessing this little person is.  It comes out completely trusting and loving you with its whole heart, and then it's our job as parents to make sure that it maintains as much of that love and trust as possible.  Then I looked at Jared looking at the baby and I just melted.  He had that daddy look.  I can't wait for him to look at our baby like that.  I know he's going to be such an amazing dad:  patient, loving, great morals, fun, and so protective.  I just want to take thousands of pictures of him holding our little baby.

We made it to 12 weeks on Friday which has been great.  The riskiest part of the pregnancy is over, and so is the morning sickness.  The baby is the size of a plum this week and its ears and eyes are where they're supposed to be.  It knows how to swallow now too.  My favorite thing is that its little nails are starting to develop.  I just picture those little baby fingers with little bitty nails...I can't wait to see them!!

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  1. Oh, that is just precious! I cried through the whole post. Again. Stop being so sweet!!