Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dinos and Donuts

We decided to do a combined birthday party for the boys this year since their birthdays are only a month apart and they have all the same friends. They both love donuts and dinosaurs, so that's the theme we went with. 
The party was supposed to be outside and the forecast for Saturday was perfect. Then, Saturday morning we woke up to a gray and rainy and cold morning. We had to move the party inside. 
It was kind of a disorganized mess (in a good way). Everyone just played and hung out and ate and the boys would randomly open a few presents and then get distracted by playing with them and then eventually come back and open more.
About halfway through, we put everything on hold to let the boys blow out their candles. 

Paxton went first:
He loved the attention. And joined in the singing. 
Then it was Porter's turn. He also loved the attention. 
About halfway through the song, he got his mouth all ready to blow his candle out and just waited. 
The boys had a blast playing with all their new toys and all their friends and family that could come! 

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  1. What a cute birthday party theme! Look how big they are getting!