Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Day!

We had our first real snow of the season this week! Jared was in NC for the week finding us a house and as the weather forecast started looking more and more serious, we started worrying that he would be stuck there over the weekend. Luckily he got his flight moved up and made it home a few hours after the snow started. I loaded the boys up and headed to the airport but after about half a mile, I had already seen three wrecks and had a car almost hit me so we turned around and came home. We don't really know how to drive in the snow in Oklahoma. Poor Jared had to take a taxi home from the airport, but he made it home! Paxton was so excited to see him when he woke up from his nap. All week he had been asking for Jared and when I told him Jared was in Raleigh, he would always say "bye bye to Raleigh". He wanted his Daddy.  
Porter was wearing his snowman outfit in the hope that it would help the snow keep coming! It worked. 
On Friday Jared got to work from home so we spent the snow day in our jammies!

Around noon Jared got to take a break and we took Paxton out to play in the snow while Porter napped. 
He loved it. His favorite part was getting snow on his glove and licking it. Jared taught him to throw snowballs so he quickly became obsessed with throwing handfuls of snow. 

When Porter woke up, I brought him out for his first snow experience. He liked it at first and even touched it a little bit, but he was over it as soon as he started getting cold. 
Paxton wanted to go back out and play after his nap, but since it was getting dark and was only about 12 degrees, he and Jared didn't last very long outside. We brought a bin of snow inside (thanks Pinterest!) and let the boys play in that. Porter poked it a few times, but Paxton loved it. He kept taking bites of it, and feeding clumps to the dogs. He helped me make a tiny snowman and we made a ramp for his car. 
Then he remembered the snowball thing and started throwing snow all over the place. We might have had a miniature family snowball fight in the kitchen, but there's no proof of that. 
Snow days are even better with a little boy who gets so excited about the snow!

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